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Ankit Siva


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About Me

I'm a junior at the Georgia Institute of Technology, pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science. I am currently researching Differential Privacy. I mentor incoming freshmen, play badminton, learn the drums, hike and bike, kayak, explore Atlanta, and participate at Hackathons. I'm deeply interested in computer science theory, artificial intelligence, and server-side programming.

I enjoy writing guides(currently just one, a vim usage guide coming soon) on using and setting up dev-tools (they help me set up new machines faster). Feel free to check them out and contribute to them.


H. Milton Stewart School of Industrial and Systems Engineering

Research Assistant

Working with Dr. Rachel Cummings to verify results on Truthful Linear Regression.

University of Minnesota

Research Assistant

Created a data science based Linear and Tensor algebra language extension for C at the University of Minnesota for which I designed the syntax, semantics and features of the language extension. It was coded in C and Silver (an open-source functional language developed at the MELT Lab to create extensible languages). I also implemented efficient n-dimensional matrix and n-dimensional tensor operations. While adding documentation and tutorial guides for new users for the Silver project as a whole. Finally, I containerized dev-environment with Docker for hassle-free set-up, development and testing. Take a look at the Dockerfiles here.


CFO/COO and Head of Back-end Development

Co-founded a startup in high school that aimed to solve communication problems between teachers and students in Indian classrooms. Placed fourth at Microsoft Startup Weekend: only high school team in the contest. Garnered monetary support of $60,000 from Microsoft to use the Azure cloud platform with a BizSpark+ subscription. Built the backend service with Ruby on Rails, MySQL and Windows Azure. Launched product at YourStory Launch Friday, alongside Uber India and IBM BlueMix India, and presented at Target Learning Week

Education & Honors

The Georgia Institute of Technology

August 2016 - May 2020

Bachelor of Science in Computer Science

National Public School Koramangala

January 2010 - March 2016

Senior Secondary Leaving Certificate



A virtual, intelligent shopping assistant that optimizes your in-store experience with the use of Google Assistant, and Facebook Messenger. Built with, node.js, Javascript and Docker. Currently a private project on Github.

Nobel GT

Built a class scheduling web-app for Georia Tech students to ensure each user can obtain their most optimized schedule, based on the constraints that they apply.

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Salt Analysis

High school students in India need to learn and practice salt analysis - a method of finding the anions and cations in a salt. I built a simulator to help them.

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Georgia Tech Solar Racing Telemetry Team

Worked on building a telemetry system for the Georgia Tech Solar Racing Team's Car. Worked on the backend with Node.js and MySQL. Currently a private repository on Enterprise Github.


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